We’ve noticed a lot of SEO companies have come into the marketplace in the last several years. From what we’ve seen and heard most of these companies have no real value to offer. Its sad because small businesses like ours our hit with fees and contracts that do nothing but drain our business of its capital resources. Now fortunately we are well established and can take blows like that. But for smaller businesses in the marketplace having a shady SEO company do work for them and actually damaging their site as well as draining them of money and tying them into contracts can actually put them in the dog house. Or even worse it can put them out of business.

This is why we trust SEO company 75022 to do all of our SEO work for us. At first we were skeptical because we’ve gotten hundreds of calls and emails each month from other companies. But soon after talking to them they showed us how they were different and then they actually started delivering results. For this reason we highly recommend them and couldn’t be more satisfied with our service with them. They know how to treat customers and they know how to do search engine optimization. We will sure be a long term customer of theres, no doubt. Its interesting, we still get calls from other people and its clear to see that they’re just out for the money.

We are actually about to add on a few complimentary services with them. Like social media accounts, Facebook Ads, and even an email marketing campaign. They have brought us about 13 new customers a month only after having worked with them for 3 months! We fully trust their marketing judgement and believe their services work for our small funeral home.

We have plans to expand our funeral home into a chain of funeral homes across Texas and will eventually do so with the guidance and strategies employed by SEO company 75022. Thanks again for your work with us guys!

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We will soon be posting reviews on different local businesses. We are currently in talks with a dermatology clinic that is writing us an article right now. Our social media accounts are being made right now so when we get out of beta mode and official launch our first article, we will be fully active on social media.

So if you are looking for dermatologist or thinking about becoming a nurse at a dermatology clinic, then stay tuned for our next article.

For now go ahead and enjoy this video. Contact us for any questions or to comment on things we can improve on in the site.

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